Social Media Exercise vs. Honest Exercise- #MotivationIsNotJustForMondays

As I mentioned in my previous post, classes have been my saving grace within my own personal recovery, in that they allow for a controlled form of physical activity, to avoid “relapse” into unhealthy behaviors and motivations, as well as, create a supportive space for physical exercise.

One of my favorite forms of exercise is yoga; therefore I will be touching on this form of exercise within this post!

I guess you could call me a yogi?…I don’t know if that’s true but what I do know is that I’ve been practicing yoga for almost six years now, and I love everything behind the art of yoga. Yoga, is truly a practice in that it teaches individuals how to find their inner peace, bring no judgment whatsoever to the mat, and in all truth PRACTICE yoga. There is no PERFECTION, there is only FORGIVENESS, UNDERSTANDING, EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL STRENGTH, and INTENTION, therefore there is no room for self-hate, stress, and shame. This is why I LOVE yoga, it trains the mind and the body to work in a genuine, positive and forgiving fashion, and with a lot of self love, support and hard work, you find yourself, completed with the class, conquering your fears, and emotionally cleansed….and THAT is now my motivation for exercise!

Yoga, when practiced with intention and self care, truly works and strengthens the entire body and makes you sweat!….Well, it makes ME sweat at least! My sister, Tess, and I took hot yoga yesterday afternoon…

img_7919-1              img_7915

I do not think we could look more beautiful, refreshed, and strong! No, I am not being sarcastic; this is truly what exercise and physical activity with healthy motivations looks like!

This now brings me to my most recent discovery, aaptiv, and I am so obsessed with the concept behind it! Aaptiv is an application that you can download on your smart phone…the app offers individual classes, with an actual recorded instructor, who walks/runs/yoga’s/spin cycles you through your workout, and with fun music! I LOVE this concept, in that it is individual exercise within a “class like/controlled” setting, and it prevents me from overworking myself, therefore it keeps me HONEST, ACCOUNTABLE, and SAFE within my recovery! The app offers, walking and running, elliptical, spinning, yoga, and more….and I feel compelled to mention one more time, make sure you are being SAFE within your recovery!

My sister and I have been using this app when we don’t feel like going to a studio, and today we practiced in our parent’s backyard! Let it be known that Sean and my dog, Giovanni, somewhat interfered with our practice at times, but again….this is what REAL LIFE, HONEST, EXERCISE LOOKS LIKE!


Today we took the Be Better Always class by Amanda Murdock, this class was somewhat interesting because it offered detailed descriptions on each pose, to ensure proper practice and alignment. I give this app, when utilizing it for yoga, 4 stars out of 5. I love the fact that you can take a yoga class wherever you are with ease and intention, what I do not like about this app is that it displays your calorie burn, which in my case is not helpful towards my recovery, instead I practice yoga for the purpose of strength, empowerment, and emotional cleansing.

Okay, guys….so physical exercise is a major part of my self-care, in that I now find peace, and emotional cleansing within my physical practice! AND, lets just be real….most of us DO NOT LOOK LIKE SUPERMODELS WHILE WE EXERCISE, so lets enjoy physical exercise and self-care for what it truly is…..which is for exactly that, SELF-CARE! Look, I have said it before, and I will say it again, recovery is a beautiful disaster…. and you know what?… so is exercise…well at least for me….!

img_6480              img_6474


There is the Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook or social media version of physical exercise, and then there is the HONEST VERSION of physical exercise. The social media version is all about proving yourself to others, about how you LOOK, about how hard you worked, as opposed to the honest version. The honest version is about your true motivations behind exercise, mental and emotional empowerment, and self care! Now, let me be clear, I have absolutely fallen into this social media version of physical exercise, in that I have felt somewhat compelled to prove to others that I can be that girl on top of that mountain doing a yoga pose, granted I have never really been able to do that, so I implemented my own version, but in any case I am guilty of practicing physical exercise with unhealthy motivations!


What I am truly trying to convey is that for most individuals physical exercise is best practiced with empowering, healthy and strong motivations such as cleansing the mind, building physical health and strength, and improving your emotional health; especially for those within a state of recovery. Therefore, as I continue this series I challenge you to find your true motivations behind physical exercise, and dig deep to unveil your own healthy motivations and empowerment within your personal practice of exercise.

As I continue with this series, #MotivationIsNotJustForMondays, I will be touching on more classes and genres of exercise that I prefer to practice on a weekly basis! I have been receiving a wealth of requests and personal tips from various individuals, and I ask you to join in on the conversation! Within this series I will also be touching on physical activities that reach all generations, cultures, and physical abilities.

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