New Beginnings

“Beginnings can be delicate or explosive. They can start almost invisibly or arrive with a big bang. Beginnings hold the promise of new lessons to be learned, new territory to be explored, and old lessons to be recalled, practiced, and appreciated. Beginnings hold ambiguity, fear and hope(Beattie, 1996).”

This past week has been all about change and new beginnings. Sean, the furries, and I moved cross-country to start our new journey in Charleston, SC! We packed up our lives up North, drove a truck down to Charleston, moved in to our quaint apartment that we had never seen before, dove into our new jobs, and started our new beginning.


Change….an anxiety provoking word for many. Change can be triggering to recovery, in that it can consume the mind, the soul and the body, leaving no room for self awareness, self love or self care….and that only leads to more stressful situations that can be damaging to recovery. Change also triggers feelings of control, in that when it comes to many aspects of life, personal control is unrealistic, which again, is more than intimidating and scary, causing for detrimental feelings and thoughts towards recovery. Therefore, taking steps towards managing the stress that comes along with change is crucial.

Perspective is important when it comes to change, in that it is possible to reduce some of that stress and fear by changing your perspective. Instead of viewing the situation as change, try looking at it as if it is a start to a new beginning. Instead of closing a chapter, you are just starting a new one. Instead of ending a journey, you are embarking on a new adventure…..there are no endings, only beginnings.

As Sean and I were unpacking our boxes, the anxiety quickly settled in…doubting questions overwhelmed my mind about our situation, our future choices, and what we left behind in the past. During this somewhat of an emotional spiral, I reminded myself that life is all about coping and perspective, therefore it was and is up to me to make the situation what I want it to be. Therefore, as I moved through the week I made sure to protect my recovery and embrace the new beginnings with these five easy steps in addition to changing my perspective.

1. Bring a travel size “comfort box” everywhere you go!

-I have mentioned this plenty of times, the comfort box is EVERYTHING, and you can read more about it here.

2. Make your house a home

-This is relevant to my recent major change/new beginning, in that moving into a new place is incredibly exciting but also filled with so many expectations. I say this, because I spend so much time at home, I am a homebody. I not only sleep, cook, drink, dine, and live at home, but I also work at home, therefore…. making my house a home is so incredibly important to my emotional and mental well being. Therefore, we unpacked, and set up the new place in about 2 days, filled it with our favorite things, and started to settle in!

3. Create a safety net within your social life

-Friends. Everyone needs friends….and friends are so hard to find in your adult life. Even that one person that you can be yourself with is so important, in order to keep yourself accountable within this new beginning of your life.


4. Weekly goals of self care

-Setting goals has always been important to my recovery…and no I do not mean setting goals based around food or body weight, yes I know how your mind works! I mean goals about emotional well-being. For instance, I have set and, so far, met the goal of going to the beach ATLEAST once a week!

5. Letting go

-Let go of that fear, and those past stories that you are holding onto. Check out a previous blog post about Letting Go Here.

“Don’t let the lessons, the experiences of the past, dampen your enthusiasm for beginnings. Just because it’s been hard doesn’t mean it will always be that difficult. Don’t let the heartbreaks of the past cause you to become cynical, close you off to life’s magic and promise. Open yourself wide to all that the universe has to say ”(Beattie, 1996).

“Let yourself begin anew. Pack your bags. Choose carefully what you bring, because packing is an important ritual. Take along some humility and the lessons f the past. Toss in some curiosity and excitement about what you haven’t yet learned. Say your good-byes to those you’re leaving behind. Don’t worry who you will meet or where you will go. The way has been prepared. The people you are to meet will be expecting you. A new journey has begun. Let it be magical. Let it unfold”(Beattie, 1996).

Have a wonderful week, and if you are being confronted with any form of change, I challenge you to change your perspective, and protect your recovery during your new beginnings. Let’s Self Care it Out Everyone!!



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