#BeyondTheBody Bootcamp

#BeyondTheBody Bootcamp

A free two week workshop?! Um yes please!

In need of some body appreciation? Do you need a boost in your self worth, a kickstart to some self-compassion? Or maybe you just need to step up your self-care game….welp you’ve come to the right place! The AMAZING Julia from @FitFatandAllThat and I have teamed up to offer YOU a two week intensive virtual bootcamp focused on self-love, body appreciation, self-care and health!

Julia and I have incredibly similar stories in that we are both fully recovered from life long Eating Disorders, and we both fell in love with ourselves in the last few years….and now we want to help YOU do the same!


How do I sign up?

Sign up for the next series will be available soon stay tuned!!!

Don’t have an Instagram, or want to keep this confidential? No problem! Email me at RecoveryLoveandCare@gmail.com!







An intensive, virtual, 2 week bootcamp! Julia and I will share our stories, and help YOU find body appreciation, self-love, a heightened sense of self-worth and a new self-care routine through weekly projects, assignments and motivations! The first week will consist of information, question and answer sessions, webinars, and guest speakers, and the second week will be more interactive with personal application!

So stay tuned for more details and get excited for finding self-love #BeyondTheBody!