Recovery Love and Care is officially partnered with Project HEAL.

Project HEAL

Project Heal

Project HEAL is a phenomenal organization that funds Eating Disorder Treatment for individuals who cannot afford to do so themselves. This organization, Project HEAL, was founded by two amazing young 15 year old women who met in treatment and chose to help others reach full recovery as well!

A New Partner

Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran are two Eating Disorder Warriors and now foundation founders who have spread Project HEAL across the country and around the globe! Project HEAL sponsored the controversial film To The Bone, and is all about spreading the much needed awareness and education about Eating Disorders and diet culture. I am pleased to officially be partnering with Project Heal! Partial proceeds of all ticket proceeds and One Hope Wine sales at my events and speaking engagements will go towards Project HEAL

As I launch my business I cannot wait to promote Project HEAL, as well as, spread awareness and education about the truths behind Eating Disorders. Partial proceeds of all of Recovery Love and Care’s events and services go towards Project HEAL, as well as, 100% of donations and One Hope Wine sales!

Time and time again, I run into medical professionals, counselors and helping professionals who have very little, to no knowledge about Eating Disorders, and that is exactly why 50% of Eating Disorders go unnoticed within primary care! Through my own Eating Disorder and Recovery story, as well as, my growing clinical knowledge, and current partnerships, I hope to help medical professionals, helping professionals and parents understand the concept of Eating Disorders, and this skewed depiction of health within our fat phobic, weight-loss and diet crazed society!

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Taking a Stand

The message below was written by a good friend of mine who is doing her best to take a stand! Please read, spread the love and act if you are able!
There are no words that bring any light or clarity to the recent devastation. Between the hurricanes that tore through Miami, Houston, Puerto Rico and the recent shooting in Vegas – feeling helpless is just the beginning. I myself, am not only at a loss for words on what to say, but I am at a lost of action as to what to do.
Obviously, I’m no politician or public figure of any kind, so asking or encouraging you to donate seems out of reach. However, I can’t help but assume that like myself, others and possibly even you, may want to help but feel inadequate or confused on where to begin. With Halloween being right around the corner, I have decided to use the money that I would normally spend on a costume, candy, decorations, etc and donate it. If you feel inclined to help as well, you will find several donation and community outreach links below. Any type of support, donation or thoughtful prayer is exactly what these victims need. 
Without sounding cliche, it’s times like these that when we feel such a divide, it’s important that we instead come together as a community. Let’s support each other as hard as we can, love as hard as we can and encourage as hard as we can. Please share this with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues – frankly anyone. 
By: Emily Dell
Harvey, Irma & Maria relief – Red Cross Donation
Emily Dell
*the attached image was written by @danifine*