The AND Initiative

The AND Initiative

From Rise & Grind to Stumble, Roll, Work & Rest!

Proving we CANNOT “do it all” but that we can do SOME of it and well…DESPITE our health & bodies.

8+ years of Higher Education 

8 + years living recoverED from her Eating Disorder

5+ years as a CEO 

12+ neuro procedures

4 Brain surgeries

4 Spinal surgeries

Devastating diagnosis after diagnosis

AND a lifetime ahead of her! 

Normalizing disability and chronic illness as a young and prosperous human being. 

From daily workout classes to rollators & a service dog!

From social events to hospital visits.

From being able bodied and healthy to Sick AND CEO, Sick AND Prosperous, Sick AND Happy.

Jayne Mattingly is a Masters level Eating Disorder Recovery therapist turned coach, CEO and the owner of the Global Virtual Coaching Group Practice, Recovery Love and Care. Jayne identifies as fully recovered from her Eating Disorder and also lives with chronic illnesses and proudly identities as disabled, which has inspired her to help others within their own healing journeys with their bodies.  She has a passion for helping those within their recovery, especially when it comes to body image conception, chronic illness, living with disability and perceived body betrayal and helping others find self-compassion and body kindness. Jayne’s overall mission is to help those within their Eating Disorder recovery find success within the hostile recovery environment in which we live!