The AND Initiative

So, what is The AND Initiative?

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Well, let’s start with what we mean by AND.

Society loves to label people and put them into a box: disabled, mom, queer, sick, you name it!

But, these labels are never someone’s only identity, we as people have so much more depth than that.

Jayne herself is sick AND a CEO!

There is a person beyond the title, be it mom AND sexy, queer AND educator, or sick AND CEO.

Jayne’s mission with The AND Initiative is to normalize the idea that if someone is SICK or a MOM or any other label, that is not their only identity. The AND Initiative is designed to help everyone live their best AND life, and to empower and encourage everyone impacted by this movement to look beyond the face-value that society places on people. After all, we are PEOPLE; we need to humanize humans again. 

How will it work?

Spreading the word across media outlets, like Instagram, is one of the best ways to get the word out about The AND Initiative, so that people can begin to find their own personal AND.

The AND Initiative also aims to help others in the pursuit of their AND through The AND Initiative Fund

The AND Initiative Fund is designed to support those in pursuit of their AND through provisional aid.

Throughout the year, those that need help from the fund can email a short 1-3 minute video to [email protected] explaining what their AND is, and how the fund can help them live their best AND life. Whether it’s someone in need of a rollator, a mom who needs diapers for her baby, or someone who simply needs therapy or a spa day to restore their mental health, The AND Initiative Fund is there to provide that relief. Recipients will be chosen quarterly based on need and available funds for the quarter, and announced to the public on the official Recovery Love and Care Instagram.

How can you help?

There are several ways that you can be a part of The AND Initiative.

The first, is working to find your own personal AND, and sharing that with those around you, be it in-person or online, so that others are encouraged to find their AND too!

To contribute to The AND Initiative Fund, you can make direct donations here:

You can purchase The AND Initiative merchandise here:

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Recovery Love and Care is excited to announce that they have also partnered with OXB to create an official OXB x The AND Initiative Necklace, which can be purchased here:

A portion of all proceeds from merchandise and necklaces purchased will go directly towards The AND Initiative Fund

One last thing!

Be sure to follow Jayne on the Recovery Love and Care Instagram, as she shares more about the initiative, and her own personal AND life, and feel free to share her posts and stories as well to help spread the word. 

If you feel that you are in need of help from The AND Initiative to live your best AND life, be sure to email your video to [email protected]

 Keep scrolling to learn more about Jayne’s own personal AND, and the reason why she started this initiative! 

Please direct all initiative related inquiries to [email protected]

The AND Initiative