Recovery Love and Care goes beyond this blog and social media! Jayne will be hosting two opening events to launch her business!

Recovery Love and Care will be providing various services in regards to body image conception, and eating disorder awareness. Starting in August of 2017 you can hire Recovery Love and Care to speak about the concept of self-compassion, self-love, body appreciation, and body image within a diet and weight-loss crazed society. Jayne speaks to women of ALL ages, classrooms, and families about ways to live a purposeful life in the absence of body hate, and eating disorders. Make sure to attend one of the opening events to learn more about the services that Recovery Love and Care provides!

~Living For Life, Love and Self-care!~

Recovery Love and Care Event!

Where: Location TBD

When: Wednesday July 26th at 6:30pm CST

What: A night out with Recovery Love and Care! Come and partake in this amazing charitable health service, to hear Jayne speak on the concept of health, body image and Eating Disorders within our weight loss and diet crazed culture! Learn all about Recovery Love and Care as a business,  hear Jayne’s Eating Disorder and recovery story, and learn how YOU can help your students, daughters and loved ones live a life filled with self-compassion, self-love and body appreciation! Enjoy some amazing wine from the one and only One Hope Wine!

One Hope Wine

Food and wine provided! 

*Tickets for purchase available soon! A percentage of the proceeds will go towards the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) and Project Heal!

Recovery Love and Care Opening Event!

Buy Tickets Here!

Where: Studio Barre James Island

Studio Barre James Island

When: Saturday July 29th at 6pm EST

What: A girls night out with Recovery Love and Care! Learn all about Recovery Love and Care, participate in some mini barre lessons, hear Jayne’s Eating Disorder and recovery story, and enter to win some amazing raffle prizes while snacking on local eats and sipping on delicious wine!

Callie's Biscuits One Hope Wine

Food provided by Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits, and wine by One Hope Wine!

Raffle prizes from local Charleston vendors, such as, Mylk Bar, One Hope Wine and Fetes de Fleurs!

Raffle Prizes! fetes de fleurs

One Hope Wine

*Tickets for purchase available HERE!! A percentage of the proceeds will go towards Project Heal!

Project Heal

Why Hire Recovery Love and Care?

We live in a society that encourages girls to hate their bodies, fosters an unhealthy relationship with food, and creates a disconnect between the mind and body. Our culture, is a diet and weight-loss culture. We take in thousands upon thousands of images each and every day that tell us what the “ideal” body looks like, tells us what to eat and how much, tells us what is “good” and “bad.” 80% of thirteen year old girls have already attempted to lose weight, 13% of females have had an Eating Disorder by the age of 20, Eating Disorders are the number one killer of all mental illnesses due to suicide, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and EDNOS are on the rise, and the average age of finding body appreciation is 72!! We must start partaking in REAL conversations about the concept of health, body image and fat phobia within our culture!

In a world full of filters, photoshop, diet fads, medical weigh ins and media manipulation, it IS POSSIBLE  to live a life full of self-compassion and body appreciation! Recovery Love and Care wants to help foster a life worth living for ALL by having a real conversation about health, food, exercise, and body image!