About Me and Contact Information

*This is an anti-diet culture space, therefore, there will be no mentioning of calories, weight, size, portions, minute’s exercised, etc. as this can be dangerous, toxic, and triggering to our minds.

Hello there, and thank you for stopping by!! My name is Jayne Mattingly, and I am the face behind the business, brand, and group practice, Recovery Love and Care, LLC! Recovery Love and Care is all about finding self-compassion, self-love and body appreciation through the practice of self-care, and Eating Disorder awareness. Within this space Jayne provides a wealth of resources and information on self-care, body image conception, media manipulation, the concept of health within a diet crazed culture and ways to embark on a life filled with self-compassion and self-love! If you are seeking services for mentoring/coaching or Eating Disorder recovery support groups click here for more information! If you are interested in co-hosting a self-love event click here!

Jayne’s Recovery Story:

I am an Eating Disorder (ED) Warrior, in that I am fully recovered from a life-long Eating Disorder. I went through recovery a while back, and with that I have gained a wealth of knowledge, information and resources regarding the process of recovery, and believe me, it is a process! Recovery IS NOT LINEAR, and IT IS SO INCREDIBLY HARD, but IT IS WORTH IT!! With my ED Recovery, I not only learned about Eating Disorders, but also so much about myself, my own womanhood and my ability to not only survive, but thrive, in a world that is driven by unrealistic body ideals, weight loss, diets, cleanses, filters and Photoshop!

On a Personal Note:

 I live with a progressive chronic illness and am a disabled person, and I use that life experience to help others find body acceptance even when they feel their body’s are betraying them.  I am incredibly and my passion is to help ALL women find self-confidence and self-love within a culture that won’t allow them to! I live for my recovery, the love of my life, Sean, my fur babies and my family! I am all about empowering women and advocating for eating disorder recovery, body appreciation, and a positive sense of community.