Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching & Body Image Work

Virtual Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

In need of additional help within Eating Disorder recovery?

Do you sense you have a troublesome relationship with your food and body, but don’t know where to start?

Struggling with body image and finding freedom with food?!

Do you find yourself constantly dieting, or engaging in online challenges?

Sometimes you just need additional support, and an Eating Disorder recovery coach may be the next step!

Are you currently in treatment for an Eating Disorder and desire extra support, and/or a professional advocate?

Do you desire having a healthy and positive relationship with your body, and food?

Are you a loved one of someone within Eating Disorder treatment and/or recovery? Or maybe you just want a boost in your overall self-worth! You’ve come to the right place!

Just want a 1 on 1 with Jayne?

Why Work With Recovery Love and Care?

Recovery Love and Care offers virtual support for individuals on the path to full Eating Disorder Recovery.

Recovery Love and Care supports YOU in your journey to making peace with your body, food and your life!

Recovery Coaching is for those in need of a reset, an increase of self-worth, self-esteem, and overall body image conception.

Jayne uses her Clinical Mental Health Counseling training and education, her IADEP certified supervised training in Eating Disorder speciality,  as well as, her past life experience within Eating Disorder recovery, to help ALL individuals find self-compassion, self-love and body appreciation in a world that does not allow them to do so.

Jayne and her team help individuals within  their Eating Disorder recovery, and body image journey, work through body image conception, and the overall process of recovery.

Recovery Love and Care abides by their own set of ethical standards, and provide mentoring, coaching and a more personalized touch to your recovery and body image/food freedom journey! Recovery Love and Care uses only HIPAA compliant software and screening services and pledges to stay true to their code of ethics and stay within the proper scope of care.

Client Testimonials

Is Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching Right For You?

Eating Disorder Recovery coaching is meant for those who want to reach a higher level of performance, satisfaction and learning within their lives in the absence of their Eating Disorder or disordered relationship with food and body.

Individuals who feel that they have lost time due to their Eating Disorder, diet-mentality or negative body image conception, and are eager to enjoy their life in the absence of those things are clients ideal for Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching.

Individuals who currently have a therapist, and/or a treatment team are ideal recovery coaching clients.

Individuals that have are transitioning out of a higher level of care for their Eating Disorders are the ideal recovery coaching client.

Individuals that are sick of dieting and hating their bodies are idea recovery coaching clients.

If you are seeking food freedom and body image acceptance, you are an idea recovery coaching client!

What Does Recovery Coaching Include?

Recovery coaching includes…

  • Weekly 45 minute, virtual face to face sessions with your Recovery Coach!
  • Meal support
  • Body image work & daily Body image support
  • Positive daily affirmations
  • Working through the struggles of living in a hostile recovery environment
  • Challenging common diet ideations.
  • Working towards body neutrality and food freedom!
  • Private chat room support with your Recovery Coach



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