RLC Mission Statement

RLC University provides ethical training and education for trainees of all backgrounds, to therefore make treatment more accessible for those with Eating Disorders and body image concerns. Through a rigorous 27 module course, RLC covers the multifaceted support and care that Eating Disorders require. In addition to body image work, meal support, and holding compassion for clients, RLC graduates learn how to facilitate neural retraining, and Eating Disorder support for those in all bodies, including specialized care towards those in marginalized bodies and communities. 

The world of Coaching is truly the “wild west”…there are no true regulations or oversight, and RLC University is an agent of change in this field. 

We are trailblazing the world of Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching and Body Image Coaching. RLC University stays true to its values and envisions a world where humans of all backgrounds, identities, and body types have access to expert and ethical coaches that reflect them, look like them and have true lived experience. Training coaches of all gender identities, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, socio economic status, race and ethnicities, body type, and abilities. 

What We value:

  • Ethical & collaborative care first and foremost
  • True Inclusivity
  • Accessibility
  • Evidence Based Care and Support
  • An understanding of Scope of Care
  • Anti racism
  • Anti Fat Phobia
  • Anti Ableism 

Self Care:

Self-care is at the crux of all of our successes in life! We cannot and will not lead a successful, happy, and healthy life without a daily implementation of self-care! With Self-care comes a state of awareness and compassion; I refer to these concepts as self-awareness and self-compassion. This brand as a whole is to help individuals find self-love, self-compassion and self-appreciation through the practice of self-care!

Within Eating Disorder Recovery, or any recovery for that matter, self-care is one of the crucial aspects in order to truly reach a state of well being.

Self-care is an integral part of the healing process for the mind, body and soul.

FACT Friday!! Recovery Love and Care

When many individuals think or hear the words self care they jump to conclusions, in that they assume that it is a selfish act, that caring for one’s self is lazy and entitled…this could not be further from the truth! Self-care is incredibly misunderstood, especially when it comes to eating disorder recovery. Another assumption people jump to is that self-care is a luxury, self-care is only for people who have time and money. Yes, there are self-care luxuries, which I will speak on in this blog, but self-care is a DAILY  practice that protects your emotional well-being and your mental health! Self-care allows you to give your best to others, by first taking CARE  of yourself! One thing that is true is that you must MAKE TIME for self-care, instead of assuming that it TAKES-TIME.

And I will tell you,  just like I was once told myself; you cannot truly function within life until you learn how to care for yourself.