RLC Coaching Curriculum

Coaching Curriculum & Training!

recovery coach

Recovery Love and Care offers personalized and tailored curriculum and trainings for aspiring Recovery Coaches!

Want to be an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, but don’t know where to start?

Are you a coach, trainer or helping professional , and feel that you want to reach a wider range of client’s?

Do you want to start dabbling within the Telehealth world but feel overwhelmed?

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the virtual world of coaching and help those in need across the globe?

Are you a clinician but need help figuring out the HIPAA compliant paperwork, ethics, and legality behind coaching?

recovery coach

Recovery Love and Care can help!

Jayne offers personalized trainings to aspiring Recovery Coaches!

Want to become a part of someone’s treatment team?

Want to help clients with body image?

Want to help clients find food freedom?

Recovery Love and Care can help YOU help OTHERS find recovery in a safe, ethical and HIPAA compliant way!

recovery coach

What does the Training Consist of?

  • 14-16 module training tailored to each trainees needs
  • A personalized curriculum reviewing…
    • Clinical Skills
    • Intuitive Eating
    • Health At Every Size
    • Neural Retraining
    • Body Acceptance
    • Various therapeutic and coaching frameworks
    • Ethical standards
    • Collaborative care
    • Proper paperwork
    • Understanding of scope of care
    • Group supervision

Contact Jayne today for more information on how to book a training!