Self Care

Recovery Love and Care’s Mission:

Helping ALL women live a life full of self-compassion, self-love, and body appreciation through the practice of self-care and Eating Disorder awareness! Advocating for Eating Disorder Recovery, and shedding light on the many myths and truths surround Eating Disorders. We can ALL love our bodies and have a healthy and SAFE relationship with food and exercise!!

Self Care:

Self-care is at the crux of all of our successes in life! We cannot and will not lead a successful, happy, and healthy life without a daily implementation of self-care! With Self-care comes a state of awareness and compassion; I refer to these concepts as self-awareness and self-compassion. This brand as a whole is to help individuals find self-love, self-compassion and self-appreciation through the practice of self-care!

Within Eating Disorder Recovery, or any recovery for that matter, self-care is one of the crucial aspects in order to truly reach a state of well being.

Self-care is an integral part of the healing process for the mind, body and soul.

FACT Friday!! Recovery Love and Care

When many individuals think or hear the words self care they jump to conclusions, in that they assume that it is a selfish act, that caring for one’s self is lazy and entitled…this could not be further from the truth! Self-care is incredibly misunderstood, especially when it comes to eating disorder recovery. Another assumption people jump to is that self-care is a luxury, self-care is only for people who have time and money. Yes, there are self-care luxuries, which I will speak on in this blog, but self-care is a DAILY  practice that protects your emotional well-being and your mental health! Self-care allows you to give your best to others, by first taking CARE  of yourself! One thing that is true is that you must MAKE TIME for self-care, instead of assuming that it TAKES-TIME.

And I will tell you,  just like I was once told myself; you cannot truly function within life until you learn how to care for yourself.

In terms of ED Recovery

As I have stated before, eating disorders have to do with finding compulsive comforts within the three “musts” “have to’s” and “necessities” in life (a reminder, these three “necessities” within life are eating, elimination, and sleeping). Understanding this, when in recovery, it is important to find healthy behaviors to replace those unhealthy compulsive comforts and behaviors. My wise and amazing nutritionist taught me to create a “comfort box”, and this comfort box was and still is an integral part within my recovery.

The Comfort Box:

This is where the self-care started for me! Whenever I used or wanted to use unhealthy behaviors, or felt somewhat triggered, I “went to” my comfort box. Within my comfort box, was everything that made me feel good, but also DID NOT include those “three necessities,” therefore there was no involvement of food/drink or exercise within my comfort box. Instead I kept, essential oils, nail polish, bath bombs, bath oils, meditation books, poems and always a notepad and pen….now let me make this clear, a comfort box does not have to be an actual box, this is just a term, it could be a room, a designated space, or just a mental place holder.

I started “going to” my comfort box every single time I felt triggered, vulnerable, or ashamed, this was somewhat exhausting, in that I felt triggered, vulnerable and ashamed almost constantly…Every time that I was “in” my comfort box, I first wrote down what brought me to indulge in my new found comforts, to remind and somewhat condition my mind that I deserved self care instead of harmful behaviors! I stuck to it…yes, I slipped up at times, but I tried my gosh darn hardest…and voila! It finally paid off!

I was on vacation with a family that I worked for, it was Thanksgiving, and I just felt so incredibly vulnerable, and triggered, and the next thing I knew I was in the bath….like it was magic, I didn’t even think about using my unhealthy behaviors, instead I went straight to my conditioned habit of self care! All of my hard work spent “in” my comfort box had proven to be successful.

As I continue to practice self care, I will be sharing my tips, tricks, routines, and indulgences….and let me just worn you I have tendencies towards being a “crazy cat/dog lady”….but no judgement here right? Right!

So self care it out everyone!!!