FACT Friday!

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We live in a diet, exercise, weight loss and body shame crazed culture, and with constant media manipulation we become blind to these messages! We forget how this diet-culture affects our well-being and our growing and developing youth! Therefore, FACT Friday is built on this platform of societies standards, and our obsession with weight-loss.


  1. 80% of 13 year old females have attempted to lose weight.

National Eating Disorder Awareness! FACT Friday! RecoveryLoveandCare.com2.Females who diet are 12 times more likely to binge eat.

Dieting does not work...period! Fact Friday! RecoveryLoveandCare.com3.5 – 20% of College Females have Eating Disorders.

Nation Eating Disorder Awareness! RecoveryLoveandCare.com4.You NEVER need to “earn” your food!


5.One Half of all Eating Disorders go unnoticed in primary Care.

FACT Friday! One half of all ED go unnoticed in primary care

6.You don’t choose your Eating Disorder but you DO choose your recovery.

Fact Friday! Recovery Love and Care

7.Approximately 13% of females have suffered from an Eating Disorder by the age of 20.

FACT Friday!! Recovery Love and Care

8.The daily practice of self-care has been proven to build self-esteem, body confidence and self-worth!

Fact Friday!

9.It’s okay to not be okay.

FACT Friday!! Recovery Love and Care

10.Eating Disorders are NOT just a white girl thing.

FACT Friday!

11.About 46% of girls aged 9-11 years old are using restrictive behaviors to lose weight.

FACT Friday

12. Beauty, Size, Weight and Happiness are independent of one another.

FACT Friday

13. Re-entry is tough, be patient and kind with yourself.

FACT Friday

14. 13% of Women Over 50 Engage in Eating Disorder Behavior.

FACT Friday

15. It’s okay to not be okay.