Jayne & Julia

Jayne & Julia

Recovery Love and Care eating disorder recovery coaches, and best friends, Jayne & Julia have joined forces to bring YOU freedom! Freedom with food, your body and your life. Jayne & Julia are excited to launch their first course, Self Love Junkies 101!


Welcome to Self Junkie 101! We are so excited to have you, and to be a part of your journey!

Jayne & Julia are here to help guide you and walk alongside you, judgement and shame free, in this journey towards acceptance.

You are here because you find yourself often…

  • Purchasing self-help books
  • Joining challenges
  • Partaking in personal and professional development
  • Listening to self love podcasts
  • Learning how to level up in your life!

Well this course is just what you need, say goodbye to the constant pull towards being “better” and shift towards accepting YOU. 

Course Enrollment ClOSED!

In this course you will immerse yourself in acceptance and intentionally make a shift from the constant desire to improve.

This course & What to Expect:

  • 12 module course
  • Each module is one week
  • Very interactive and involves four components to each module…
  • Read, Write, Listen and Apply!
  • Reading list
  • Evidence based application
  • Live recorded webinars
  • Interactive chat with the group and Jayne & Julia, and personal recorded vlogs! 
  • Set aside 3-5 hours of your time per week to dive into acceptance!
  • Build a community of fellow recovering self love junkies!


Get ready to dive in, and NOT focus on leveling up, instead focusing on embracing, accepting and organically growing.

Here is a SNEAK PEAK of what you can expect for this Self Love Junkies 101 Course!

Module 1

It is like we are always on this journey towards self-improvement. But what does that mean for the now? When on a constant journey towards self-improvement you are really just judging your present, your now. This module is all about finding the beauty in acceptance, figuring out HOW to shift from self-improvement to acceptance and LIVE for the now. Dive into acceptance with true intention and support from us. 

Module 2

We are diving in! This is an evidence based tool/framework that truly helps us heal our relationship with our inner critic. We start one of our favorite readings, and you will learn how to create a bond between you and that part of you that is always yearning to improve.

Module 3

This work is all about motivation in the past, present and future…but not in the way you would assume. In this module we learn what the levels of motivation are, as well as, the stages of change, and how they have affected you throughout your life and self-improvement journey.

Module 4

It’s all about the thoughts….In this module we discover the power of thoughts, as well as, diffusing the power of thoughts. We dive into one of our favorite reads and you will learn to take inventory of your thoughts without judgement. Finding the true path to acceptance through thought.

Module 5

Neural retraining is one of the few evidence based frameworks surrounding body image conception, Eating Disorders, chronic pain, etc. We take a mini dive into the power of neural plasticity and how we can use it to our advantage on this journey towards acceptance. 

Module 6

This can be a tough one, but it is so important. In this module we share our stories, build tangible goals, and learn all about coping styles and how we can live with them and manage rather than reframe. 

Module 7

Don’t get freaked out just yet! Usually when we are on the journey towards self-improvement, mindfulness just seems counterproductive. But remember…we are not on the journey towards self improvement, we are embracing acceptance! Mindfulness won’t be so scary anymore. 

Module 8

“It’s not about the food, but it is about the food.” Sound familiar? Take this crash course in intuitive eating, Health at Every Size, and understanding your hunger and fullness cues.

Module 9

Finally! We get to talk about body image, that one thing we all struggle with in this world! Jayne and Julia are budding experts in this niche (because no one is ever a true expert except YOU). We can’t wait to dive in with you.

Module 10

Movement can be so incredibly healing, and it can also often become hijacked by self-improvement. In this module we will learn to embrace what movement looks like for you and your body NOW, not your body for the future. Get to know our secrets!

Module 11

In this module we talk about and discover the importance of support during this journey. We make the steps towards identifying what your relationships and support have looked like in the past, present and future, and how to best incorporate that in your acceptance journey.

Module 12

You have made it! 12 weeks of introspective work, reading, writing, listening, watching and true application. We are so proud of you. In this module we will gather all of the reading and writing assignments, vlogs, and inventory that we took over these past three months. Congratulations on embracing the NOW!


“This isn’t easy work at all, but I am so grateful for the encouragement and opportunity to really take the time and put in the effort! I love this course!”

“Listening to you gals share this past week was so beautiful and inspiring and overwhelming. I was pretty much teary eyed my whole drive home listening in on the zoom call. I am relieved that I am not alone with these thoughts and struggles. The live group call was so profoundly helpful to me. This has nudged me towards putting myself first!”

“Wow! Just week one down and I feel my money has been well spent already! This course is amazing and so well done.”

“The webinar was absolute fire! I listened to it twice because so much was coming up for me. I am learning to accept me and not be ashamed of where I am in life!”

Jayne & Julia