Walk It Out With SkyFit (Now Aaptiv) – Bringing Healthy Motivations to Physical Exercise #MotivationIsNotJustForMondays pt. 3

Happy Friday to everyone! Congratulations you’ve made it through the week and hopefully it was a successful week set with positive intentions and healthy motivations! #MotivationIsNotJustForMondays

Today’s post is part 3 of the #MotivationIsNotJustForMondays, and I will be touching a bit more on the app SkyFit (now known as Aaptiv)!


First off, lets rein it in, and bring some honesty into the moment. As I have said before, and I will say it again, physical exercise is a huge part of my self-care routine, yet I make sure that I stay safe and protect my recovery first and foremost! How do I practice safe physical exercise? I almost always practice my exercise through a class forum, whether that is at an individual studio, a gym, on a dvd, with a group of friends, or on the SkyFit (Aaptiv) app, as this allows me to stay accountable and not “overdo” my exercise. I also make sure that I limit myself to one class a day; therefore I am protecting my recovery, and maintaining healthy motivations. I also make sure to stay honest, and accountable for my thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors surrounding my physical activity, in that if I have the urge to “work out” after a large meal I make sure to stay grounded, stay honest, stay safe, and find a healthy comfort in something other than exercise for that day; I usually go to my “comfort box” at this vulnerable moments (To read more about this please visit my self care page, and ED and ED Recovery Page). Therefore, before I schedule, plan, or practice my physical exercise for the day, I make sure to ground myself, and ensure that my motivations for physical exercise are healthy!

As a reminder…. examples of healthy motivations for exercise include, but are not limited to, wanting to cleanse the mind, cleanse and refresh your emotional state, bring positive intention to a part of your day, heal your body, and wanting to strengthen your mind and body, for instance, my motivations for today’s physical exercise was to refocus my emotions by bringing intention to my physical activity, as well as, strengthen my body after a stressful week.

SkyFit (now Aaptiv)

I have touched on this mobile application before, and let me just say I am still so pleased with this program! SkyFit is an app that you download on your phone, there is a large variety of classes offered on the app, in that no matter where you are…you can pop in your headphones, chose a class, and run, bike, train, stretch, practice yoga, spin, or in this case, walk your way through an exercise class lead by a trained instructor!

The app is truly genius, especially for people who struggle with finding time to practice physical exercise. You can chose what type of exercise you are up for that day, what intensity you want to work out at, your instructor, your preferred genre of music, and how long you plan to work out, and voila you are taking a private class at the swipe of a finger!

What I truly love about SkyFit is that it allows people like me and you to practice safe and healthy physical exercise, in that once I finish my class I feel refreshed and strong, and then I am done with my exercise for the day! Within all of the classes that I have taken, the instructor never mentions losing weight, or trying to look a certain way, instead they coach you to focus on the present, and to set positive intentions and stay connected with your body! If you sign up, you can get the first week for free, and then after your trial period it is $9.99 per month of $49.99 per year, which is truly a great price for an unlimited amount of classes right at the swipe of a finger!

Because I have had somewhat of an emotional week, I chose to take it easy on my body today, in that I know if I go too hard I then risk the safety of my recovery…therefore I made sure to keep in check with my motivations and stay accountable!

On this incredibly rainy, gloomy and somewhat chilly day in the Western suburbs of Chicago, Giovanni (our dog), and I decided to take a twenty minute walk/jog class called Weekend Walk by Candice Cunnigham! This was a great, gentle but worthwhile workout, in that I was able to get outside, focus on the present, cleanse my emotional state, and strengthen my body all at the same time! Keep in mind; if for some reason you have physical limitations…you can always modify the workout to your specific needs!


Another great walk class that I took this week was Oldie Stroll by Candice Cunningham, there was no jogging involved in this one, and the tunes were all throwbacks…it was quite fun!!


As you head into your weekend, remember to check in with your motivations towards your physical exercise….I challenge you to set at least one healthy motivation/intention for your exercise this weekend, whether that be dancing, running, yoga, spinning, cleaning, or walking, try to bring at least one positive intention to your work out to maintain a healthy a successful recovery….I know this is a lot harder than it seems, but I swear it is worth it!

Also remember, if you feel the need to get outside, practice self care, and work your mind and body you can always find time for a gentle stroll on your own, with your partner, with a friend, or with your furry family member!….Sean and I walk Giovanni, our dog, as well as Lilly, our cat….Can you say Crazy Cat Lady?!









So lets self care it out, practice safe and healthy exercise and have a wonderful fall weekend!


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Letting Go

The Garage Sale

This past weekend, I helped my aunt and uncle, Carole and Russ, with their garage sale. They had a lifetime’s worth of “things” displayed in their garage…things that were filled with memories and stories, things that were being sold to strangers and categorized with a dollar sign in place of memories and emotions. As I sorted through all of Carole and Russ’s goodies, treasures, and “junk” it truly struck a chord. Letting go is scary, it makes you vulnerable, it has meaning, and we cannot move on, whether that is figuratively or literally, until we truly let go. This made me think, why is it that we hold onto things with all of our might, especially when it is so clear that letting go would be the healthiest and best choice? Sometimes it seems like it should be so easy, but it’s the “simple” things that are truly the hardest to let go!



When it comes to my own journey within eating disorder recovery, my Eating Disorder (ED) was much like an abusive relationship. I fought with ED, I bickered with ED, I was emotionally intimate with ED, I lived with ED, ED abused me, I was in love with ED. Yes, I loved ED, ED was comfortable, ED was all I knew, ED helped me function, and cope with life. I lived within a codependent relationship with ED, therefore when I was forced to look ED straight in the eye and breakup with him (it), it was the scariest thing I ever had to do…little did I know that it would be the start to a terrifying yet beautiful journey.

Please let it be known, I am not saying that you should let go of everything and anything….I am strictly talking about letting go of the things that are unhealthy to you and your life, constricting you from living a fulfilling life, preventing you from loving yourself, the toxic things within your life….or in some cases just letting go of things because it is time to move on!fullsizerender-10

This beautiful journey was my road to recovery, and after an intensive treatment plan, I started to come to terms with the fact that in order to truly move on from ED, I had to LET GO of ED and everything that came along with him (it).

Letting go is scary, because usually we are not ready to confront the main reason that is keeping us from letting go…so I challenge you to ask yourself why you are so reluctant to let go, be gentle with yourself because the reason may seem simple, but your emotion tied to the reason, is most likely incredibly complex.

Guilt and shame prevent us from setting boundaries that would be in our best interest, guilt and shame prevent us from taking care of ourselves and doing what is healthiest for ourselves….so go easy on yourself, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself why you are so reluctant to let go. As unique individual’s, we have the right to set boundaries and to insist that we treat ourselves with love and care! Once we set these boundaries we can truly start to let go, and once we let go we can move on!

It is easy to be negative about our past behaviors, our past mistakes, and our past feelings, but it is important to remember that these past behaviors and series of events are lessons that will advance us to higher levels of living and self love. Once we reach this place of self-love, we can truly find peace in letting go.

Yes letting go of ED, past jobs, relationships and behaviors was and still is a major battle….but the little things are tough as well!


So there it is….my embarrassing dirty laundry…literally! I have yet to let go of my childhood blankie….yes, it is over twenty five years old, it is most likely infested with germs and god knows what else…..but it is filled with emotions, stories, and comforts….healthy comforts that is!

Everyone has to let go of something at some point…whether that be your old blankie, that rusty lamp that won’t fit in your new home, a lost loved one, an old boyfriend or girlfriend, a past job, or your eating disorder, and depending on who you are letting go may be harder than it is for others. For those of you who are living with your eating disorder, living in recovery, or are fully recovered, my assumption is that you fall under that category, in that letting go is harder than it is for others. Letting go of that past job, may be that much harder for you because letting go, of something of meaning, is triggering for you. It means you have to relearn, and reinvest; reinvest your emotions and energy into something new. This is scary, terrifying even…. but once you truly let go, you can move on! And let me tell you… moving on, from that old jersey, that old rusty lamp, that job, moving on from ED, will empower you and bring you peace! I promise you!

So as you let go of whatever it is that you are letting go of, take care of yourself, worry about yourself first and foremost, set boundaries, come to a place of awareness and peace, find what it is that is making your reluctant to letting go…. once you do this you will be able to move on, to find peace, and to find self love! Self care is not just about material things, and practicing in outward ways, it is also about learning how to truly care for yourself, and in order to care for yourself you have to let go.

So as we continue to live our lives, lets start doing it for self love, for ourselves, and once we do this, we will truly start practicing self love and self care!

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Embracing Your Inner Child!

It’s Monday again, most likely you are getting back to the grind, pouring yourself that extra cup of coffee and doing your best to gear up for the rest of the work week. You can do it! Remember take it day by day, believe in yourself, and practice self-care.

Seeing that this blog has been “live” for about two weeks now, I have decided to share my current and unique self-care story. Now, let me remind you that everyone’s eating disorder, as well as, everyone’s recovery looks and feels different, it is unique to the person that you are, but it is also unique to WHERE you are within your life, and recovery. For instance, I consider myself fully recovered, in that most professionals would consider me “recovered,” but I believe that recovery is a process, a journey and is therefore NOT LINEAR, because all human beings deserve self-care, and a chance to learn and grow, and a chance to live healthy lives…. and that is what recovery is all about right?!

So here it is…..

The past four years of my life have been beautiful, in that I was forced to grow, to change, to challenge myself and work my way through recovery. I am a self admittedly “girly girl” from the suburbs of Chicago; I went to school in Charleston, SC and fell in love with the small city life, the beach, and the southern charm. Once I graduated from the College of Charleston, I went straight to Jackson, WY to be with my lovely and amazing boyfriend Sean. This was incredibly out of character for me in so many ways…. because I am extremely close with my family and my girl friends, therefore taking myself so far from that support system was a major risk and challenge for me as a young woman! Long story short, I planned on staying in Jackson for about a summer, and three years later Sean and I are moving on! We are in transition right now, but have jobs and an apartment lined up in Charleston, SC!

I left Jackson about two months early for an employment opportunity in Charleston, SC, but things changed and I decided to stay with my parents in Chicago for the remaining two months, while Sean finished up his time in Jackson. Therefore, Sean and I have been apart for over a month now, he is living with our cat Lilly in Jackson, and I am in the Chicago area with my family and Giovanni, our dog. We have a little less than a month to go until we will be moving into our new place in Charleston, SC, and we cannot wait to be back together again!


Understanding all of this, there are many changes happening within our lives right now…a huge move, new jobs, and all the change that comes along with it (Family “stuff,” financial stress, being away from each other, etc)! I am going to admit that being away from Sean and Lilly has been the biggest challenge for me, in that he has been my major support system these past four years, he is my rock within my life, and recovery, and I could not state how grateful I am for Sean! Now Lilly is a whole different story, and I will elaborate on that within a different post, as she is my “Recovery Kitty”

All of this change has been somewhat triggering for me within my recovery, and has really forced me to take care of myself and practice self-care! Therefore, being at home has been a wonderful thing, but also a major challenge, in that I am working that much harder to protect my recovery…because change is hard and it is scary…. and incredibly triggering within anyone’s recovery!

Now that you have an idea of my current “story” I want to give you a look into how I have been practicing self-care throughout these vulnerable times…

Take care of your inner child:

Throughout my “treatment” of my eating disorder, I was told many of times to love myself, to care for myself, to nourish myself…. but what really hit home for me was when my specialized therapist asked me to take care and love my inner child, as if my inner child was an actual seven year old Jayne, living my adult life with me. This really hit home for me, because my eating disorder began at a very young age, therefore at times, I felt sad that “little jayne” lost some of her innocence at the young age of ten years old.

No matter how old you are, I am sure that you can agree that being back at home can be incredibly comforting while also being stressful and triggering, in that you automatically fall into your old role. For instance, this past month I have been fighting this old role, in that I am the daughter, the middle child, the sister, and the Jayne that was living with an eating disorder, the Jayne that was keeping secrets, and using unhealthy behaviors. With that being said, I have been pampering my inner child, I have been living the life of innocent Jayne whenever I can in between graduate school, my part-time job, and helping out my family.

Family Time:

Because of my past jobs, and where I lived, I have had very minimal time with my family, which has caused for a lot of stress in my own personal life. My family has experienced so much loss this year, and therefore I am doing everything I can to get the most out of these two months in Chicago…I have been helping out wherever and whenever needed, as well as, enjoying every minute I have with my parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, sisters boyfriends, and of course the family pets!


Time -Out:

No, I do not mean that I punish myself and lock myself in my room until I am ready to behave….instead I mean that I give myself some necessary alone time! My alone time usually occurs in the morning, while I get ready for my day, or late at night after writing a research paper…. I have been trying to take care and love my inner child, and bring a bit of innocence to my life…

Jamming to my favorite songs, signing into my hairbrush and performing for my mirror…. what could be more innocent than that!?…

Let me tell you, I have been LOVING my time-outs!

Bath Time:

Depending on whether I’m in the mood to take a shower or bath, I make sure to make an ordeal out of it! I put on some relaxing tunes, steam up the bathroom, and set aside at least twenty minutes to wash away the day, and start fresh for a relaxing bedtime.








The majority of our house has been redone in the past ten years…. but our childhood bathroom is still in tact, who doesn’t love the Rainbow fish?!

Story Time: 

This is something I struggle finding time to do…because I read and write constantly for my job and school, I tend to turn to TV or music before bed….which in no way is bad…but I find that when i do carve time out to read before bed I feel relaxed! Remember how special story time was when we were kids?! Maybe I’m not reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or The Rainbow Fish….but nourishing my mind and soul with words has always been comforting to me!


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, is an amazing book, that I choose to read over and over and over again…just like I did with my favorite books as a kid!

Bed Time:

Okay now this is incredibly serious…. sleep was and still is a crucial part to my recovery! Sleep allows your mind, and body to heal itself, to reboot, to refresh in order to prepare yourself for the next day of your recovery! Therefore, I have been practicing a nightly bedtime routine, to ensure I receive the adequate amount of sleep for myself…. please let it be known that I am aware, that I have the luxury to receive an ample amount of sleep, at this point in my life…. but take a peek at this simple tool with the new iPhone update!…Giovanni has been practicing self care as well!









I ask all of you to continue to take care, love and pamper your inner child! We ALL deserve some extra love, and care but also a little bit of innocence! So as we move through the rest of our Monday, and the rest of the week, don’t forget to Self-Care It Out People!!

What does your inner child like to do?….feel free to pass around ideas for additional self care!



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Eating Disorders….It’s Not Just a White Girl Thing… Pt. 1

Well its Wednesday….we are half way through the work week and I hope we have all been practicing self care!! So first off I applaud you for making it this far through the week, and practicing self care by reading this blog!

Here is a photo summary of my practiced self care this week…being away from Sean is so tough for me, so I make sure that I am on my self care game more than usual! So this week that meant family time, more family time and rainbow sprinkles….what could be better?!







Seeing that our brains aren’t completely worn out yet, I will be sharing an educational “blurb” on eating disorders (ED). Now, ED is misunderstood by so many, even clinical professionals!….It is constantly seen as a vain disorder that is self induced or created by bad parenting….and let me tell you right now this mindset and way of thinking is incredibly outdated! So, as you read this post, I ask you to relearn what ED means to you, try to take the judgment and shame away, and have an open mind! For those of you within your own ED journey or recovery, try to take a moment to be honest with yourself, and find a piece of empowerment for where you are within your journey! Awareness and education can be the start to your recovery journey…..


The Disorder According to Current Research

ED is a serious mental illness that significantly affects the worlds population, in that it encompass a wide range of symptoms, factors, and cultural boundaries, therefore it IS NOT just a white girls disorder (Fursland, Byrne, Watson, Puma, Allen, Byrne, 2012). Negative Body Image Conception (BIC) crosses all cultural boundaries, therefore affects the African American population, Latina/o American population, Asian American population, American Indian population, etc. etc. The DSM-V (Diagnostic Statistic Manual- volume 5; the bible to mental illness and disorders) has made a significant amount of alterations to the definition of an eating disorder, for instance, binge eating disorder is now included, as well as, Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (ENOS), seeing that the majority of the eating disorder population falls under this category (American Psychological Association, 2015). I myself was diagnosed with ENOS, in that I was diagnosed with Bulimia with restrictive tendencies, therefore along with peer reviewed, and empirically base research, I will be sharing my own perspectives as well . Another change within the DSM-V was geared towards Bulimia Nervosa, which is characterized by frequent episodes of binge eating or compulsive over-eating followed by unhealthy behaviors, also known as purging. DSM-V criteria reduced the frequency of actual binging and purging, or use of compensatory behaviors, to at least once a week, as opposed to at least twice a week as stated in the DSM-IV (The previous…. outdated Diagnostic Manual).

Now, lets check in….this changes your view on eating disorders already doesn’t it? How many people do you know that fall under this category?….again lets open our minds and relearn what ED really means!

Approximately half of individuals with eating disorders (ED), do not meet the DSM-IV criteria for anorexia or bulimia, and are therefore diagnosed with an eating disorder not otherwise specified (ENOS), which is usually a mix of many symptoms, behaviors, and factors (Fursland, Byrne, Watson, Puma, Allen, Byrne, 2012).

Okay so understanding what defines ED, such as ENOS and Bulimia, it is also crucial to understand the MULTIPLE factors that are involved in ED, and in this case Bulimia and ENOS.

The Cultural Factor:

Recent research has uncovered that the prevalence of ED is now on a global level, in that culture has very little to do with actually having an eating disorder, instead it has an affect on whether a person is actually diagnosed (Talleyrand, 2012). Yes, there is a higher possibility that individuals within “Westernized Cultures” are diagnosed with ED, but race, ethnicity, religion, and other cultural context are somewhat irrelevant with Eating Disorders. So, I will say it again…an Eating Disorder is not just a White Girl Disorder…..instead it is incredibly prevalent, and so very real no matter your cultural, racial, or ethnic background! This is so important to understand because once that veil is lifted, everyone and I mean everyone that lives with ED can seek help!

The Psychological Factor:

Bulimia and ENOS are said to be strongly related to anxiety disorders and mood disorders, such as depression (Barlow & Durand, 2012).

…Again does this ring any bells for you?!

Typically, individuals with ED have perfectionist tendencies, as well as, underlying traits of emotional instability, which may then affect their opinion of their inward and outward self, which in turn causes self loathing (Barlow & Durand). Recent research has also displayed that depression may even be a reaction to bulimia and bulimic tendencies, and therefore further proves the prevalence of psychological factors within ED

So to those of you who are skeptical of others….or even skeptical of yourself….please know that this is so much more than what you perceive it to be….ED IS NOT A CHOICE…and if you’re still not convinced keep reading!

The Biological Factor

Eating Disorders tend to run in families, in that siblings/relatives of individuals with ED are 4 to 5 times more likely to develop an Eating Disorder than the majority population; therefore there is a prevalent genetic variable within ED. Yes, it is still difficult to speculate that personality traits, such as, poor impulse control, and emotional instability may be/ can be inherited, therefore an individual may instead inherent the tendency to be emotionally responsive to a certain life event, and therefore may utilize Bulimic behaviors to cope with stress and anxieties brought on by said life events (Fursland, Byrne, Watson, Puma, Allen, Byrne, 2012).

The Environmental Factor

As stated above, it is now considered outdated to blame familial tendencies and family structure on the onset or causation of Eating Disorders….The Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) stated that, yes, factors such as family do play a role in the genetic factors and maintenance of ED, although current knowledge refutes the theory that families are even a primary mechanism within the onset of ED (Barlow & Durand, 2012). Instead, direct and indirect environment such as friends and the main stream media, have an impact on ED, in that it only enhances self-loathing, and unattainable body images, but they do not singularly cause ED (Fursland, Byrne, Watson, Puma, Allen, Byrne, 2012).

Yes, families do have a part in this, in that once their child or sibling shows symptoms of ED, it is there choice to act on it and seek help or ignore it….with that being said, sometimes the signs aren’t so clear…but that is why you are reading this blog right?!

So, ED is real, and so very alive within our world today…. and the reason I shared this clinical/professional view of ED is to gain awareness and education, as this is the first step within recovery! Self-Awareness is key to finding help, admitting that you have a problem, and starting your journey towards recovery! And, as always I want to remind you….ED Recovery IS NOT LINEAR, ED Recovery is a process and journey, and the journey is usually incredibly bumpy in the beginning….but IT GETS BETTER! Once you reach peace within your recovery….oh my goodness does it feel good! So keep on trucking through, and don’t forget practice self care, self-care, self care!!!!


This will be a Wednesday series within my blog….therefore I will touch on the misperceptions of ED, and ED recovery! As always, please feel free to join in on the conversation!



Mattingly, J (2016). Unit 8 Discussion. Psychopathology at the chicago school of professional psychology.

Barlow, D., & Durand, V. (2012). Eating and Sleep-Wake Disorders. Abnormal Psychology (7 ed.). Stanford: Cengage.

Fursland, A., Byrne, S., Watson, H., Puma, M. L., Allen, K., & Byrne, S. (2012). Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy: A Single Treatment for All Eating Disorders. Journal of Counseling and Development : JCD, 90(3), 319–329.

Talleyrand, R. M. (2012). Disordered Eating in Women of Color: Some Counseling Considerations. Journal of Counseling and Development : JCD, 90(3), 271–280.

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Practice Prevention with Self Care in the AM!

Recovery Love and Care is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This post is not sponsored by any of the independent brands, I am just a HUGE FAN of the products and wanted to share them with my amazing readers!

Coffee and smiles are what pull me through any morning!! Self-care is listening to your body, and for me that is usually a coconut milk latte!
Coffee and smiles are what pull me through any morning!! Self-care is listening to your body, and for me that is usually a coconut milk latte!

Happy Monday everyone! I am hoping it has been a happy day for you, but I do know that Monday’s are hard…. getting back to the grind, waking up with your alarm clock, having to face another week, whether that be at work, with your kids, or maybe facing another week of your recovery, can be intimidating and exhausting! Understanding the wear and tear that Mondays, and granted, most weekdays can have on your mental and emotional wellbeing, I am going to share how I make my day’s happy, no matter what day it is!

As I have stated before, eating disorder recovery has so much to do with self-care, and learning how to replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy comforts! My unhealthy behaviors were always triggered in times of stress, which was usually based around my work week, for instance Sunday’s were terrifying for me, because I knew that the stressful work week was right around the corner, Monday’s were incredibly exhausting and with that mind set the weekdays became somewhat of a battle field for me. I was over eating to comfort my mind and body after a stressful meeting, which then lead to over exercising, or purging of my food, and with this came a great deal of shame and guilt, which then started the cycle all over again…sound familiar? Once I reached a true understanding of my recovery I slowly started to unwind with my healthy comforts as opposed to unhealthy habits. Remember the comfort box?

As a brief reminder, the comfort box is a place to go when you feel vulnerable, shamed and/or guilty, or have used or feel like using unhealthy behaviors. It is a place that is full of things that make you feel warm inside, a place that makes you feel good, that has no relation to any compulsive behaviors you may have, it is a place that is meant to replace your unhealthy comforts such as binging and purging

The comfort box was my holy grail during recovery, in that it truly conditioned my mind and body to rid of my unhealthy behaviors and find emotionally fulfilling comforts instead. Yes, I have reached the point in my recovery where I do not actively practice within my comfort box because I am no longer using unhealthy behaviors, but I do use it as a resource for self-care! One thing that I have learned over the years is that I was mainly using my comfort box, as something to go towards once I already felt vulnerable, therefore, I now use it as a form of prevention as well! The workweek has a wear and tear on our emotions and mental health, therefore why not strengthen our mind, body and soul in order to avoid or lessen the affects of the stresses during the weekdays?

I start my self-care right when I wake up, and it is something that I truly look forward to every morning!

Now, if you are within recovery, my suggestion is that you always keep a notepad and pen within your “comfort” box, in order to write down any vulnerabilities and/or feelings that may come up for you, as this can be somewhat uncomfortable at first, and this is a great resource to share with your care team.

Today, I will be touching on my morning “comfort” routine as well as part of my nighttime skin care routine, and if you enjoy this post please let me know, as this will be another Self-Care series within my Blog!

Skin Care and aromatherapy are necessities within my self care, they truly make me feel beautiful inside and out, and they leave me feeling relaxed, refreshed and well loved…because that is what self care is all about right?! I wake up an hour before I need to leave for work; because I truly believe that practicing self-care before the craziness starts, is the best prevention technique within recovery…trust me try it and you’ll thank me!!


First is ALWAYS coffee, if I don’t have my morning brew, then I’m usually in crisis….no joke! I just love everything about coffee, the sound of the coffee maker, the aroma of the ground beans, the smooth taste, and of course the caffeine! I always add a hint of coconut milk and cinnamon for extra flavor, and when I’m feeling festive I will add various syrups, such as pumpkin, peppermint, hazelnut, etc. When I’m lucky I get to enjoy my cup of Joe with a view!

fullsizerender-5    fullsizerender-7


Please note that coffee is a safe comfort for me for where I am at within my recovery, and it is NOT a substitute for breakfast or food…


Second, tunes or TV…this is usually the only time I have time to watch my favorite trashy/guilty pleasure TV, such as The Real Housewives, Jane the Virgin, Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU and really anything on Bravo!!

If I’m all caught up on my shows, which is rare, I play my favorite music to jump start my day!!


            Note: Let it be known that I grew up a “teeny bopper” therefore I am a die hard Justin Timberlake fan and Britney Spears…

To my favorite part!!!….skin care!


I am OBSESSED with my Foreo Luna, it allows me to be active within my skin care, in that it massages my face, opens my pores, and ensures a deep clean look and feel! I spend around 10 minutes on my morning skin care, which after cleansing includes, eye care, moisturizing, and aromatherapy!

FOREO LUNA mini (T-Sonic Facial Cleansing Device), Magenta


It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Moisturizer 2 Ounces


(Pictured: Foero Luna, Burts Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream, DERM doctor Kakadu C Brightening Daily Cleanser, IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream, Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water,Young Living Essential Oils spritzer- homemade)

Aromatherapy: I create my own essential oil spritzers….these are so incredibly amazing on dry skin, and they also stimulate the body and mind with its aroma “powers”. Within this series I will make sure to make a post dedicated to my use of essential oils and self-care.


This now brings me to my nighttime skin care routine….my actual entire night time self care routine is much more extensive than this, but here is a sneak peak into how I set myself up for a relaxing nights sleep.

Again, my Foreo Luna is my preferred “tool” when cleansing my face….but before the cleansing I almost always apply a face mask.

L’Oreal Paris Skin Care Pure Clay Mask Set

Facemasks are fun, somewhat silly, incredibly relaxing, and when utilized correctly successfully cleanse and hydrate the skin. (I always apply my masks with a clean bristled brush)


(Pictured: Burts Bees Re-Q-Ointment, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye Cream, Loreal Pure-Clay Mask, Simple Micella Cleansing Water, Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum)

I continue with cleansing, night time serum, night time eye cream, moisturizer and essential oils….yes this may seem extensive to many of you, but self care is the key to a successful recovery, and is truly the key to a happy life!

My next post within this self-care series will be about aromatherapy and my use of essential oils within my personal self-care routine! I challenge you to practice self care in the morning AND at night, in order to ensure a happy weekday! Now go ahead, and self care it out!!


Oh and puppies help everything so I usually get a cuddle session in whenever I can!…..

Please leave any suggestions and/or questions below.

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The following is the first in a series of posts focused on physical activity and exercises that facilitate self care. Please join the conversation and share your learning’s, questions, reflections, and struggles – we’re in this together!

All right, so I think it is about time that we were all honest about exercise…and I mean this in a few different ways! First off, there is this new “trend” of people posting pictures of themselves conquering a yoga pose, with six pack abs, on top of a mountain, with no evidence of physical strife whatsoever…okay I may be exaggerating a bit, but in some cases this is absolutely true, right?! First off, my intention here is not to shame or put down anyone (ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL), instead, my intention is to bring a bit of reality and maybe even clarity to physical exercise, so by all means, if you are that person with a six pack, doing a headstand, on top of a mountain, then good for you…you do you! What I am truly trying to “get at” is the motivation behind YOUR physical exercise. What is YOUR motivation when it comes to exercise?

…..Dig deep…be honest!…

If you are like me, or how I used to be, you most likely have a personal motivation to loose weight, purge of your calories, sweat to cleanse your body, torture yourself in order to truly “ feel” like you deserve that piece of cake, rid of what you ate, or fit society’s ideal of what a body should look like, am I right? If so…. then lets reevaluate a bit!

If this is the case, in that you are a person that exercises to ‘”look” a certain way, how is this truly going for you? …for me, it did not go so well, in that the more and more I tried to fit this “ideal” of how I “should” look the more and more I became unsatisfied with myself, the more I let myself down, and the more I brought stress and shame to what should be an emotional release! Throughout my recovery, I learned that physical exercise is incredibly important for me, in that it was and still is an emotional, psychological, and mental release, but it took me a while to get to this point!

 ….so before I go on let me say that I encourage everyone, who is within their recovery, to talk about this with their care team, helping professional, and/or doctor to ensure SAFE, and HEALTHY physical activity within a CONTROLLED manner!

Okay, so full self-disclosure right?…One of my main struggles in daily life is my negative body image…who is with me?! The unfortunate truth is that within eating disorder recovery, body image ALMOST ALWAYS comes last, and therefore it has always been a personal battle for me. For years I struggled with the addiction to toxic behaviors that coincided with my eating disorder, such as, binging and purging as well as restriction, and through hard work and commitment my behaviors are no longer, but my emotions are still sometimes present…

Ah! Ah! …. don’t forget….RECOVERY IS NOT LINEAR! The real importance within this process of recovery is staying honest, accountable, learning from your mistakes, and taking that shame away! Don’t worry…I will continue to remind you of this!

The perceptions of self are important, but none are as crucial as the continuously changing image of our own bodies (Beilharz, Atkins, Duncum and Mundy, 2016). This growing dissatisfaction concerning body image conception (BIC) is implicated in several mental health issues and can lead to harmful behaviors such as restriction, over exercising, binging, purging, etc (Beilharz, Atkins, Duncum and Mundy, 2016). Knowing this, it is crucial all to safely take control over your body image to avoid the reoccurrence of toxic behaviors.

With that being said this is why I am a HUGE believer in-group exercise whether that be through classes, group runs, and in some cases even through the use of an app on your phone! Taking exercise classes truly brought me to a healthy state within my recovery when it came to physical activity, in that I was able to practice safe, healthy, controlled physical activity without overdoing it, and without losing myself in my unhealthy motivations.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite exercises and ways I maintain healthy motivations.

I’d love to hear from you! What are your motivations for working out and how do you keep them positive. #MotivationIsNotJustForMondays

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An Educated Decision When it Comes to Care

I have received some feedback with questions on what type of care is best and why, and to be honest, there is no one right answer, everyone’s experience within their eating disorder and within their recovery looks different and specifies for different needs. Understanding this, here are the facts, as well as, tidbits from my own experience, and I encourage everyone to make an educated decision on what “care” is best for them.

Throughout my academic career I have referred to counseling as a helping profession, but I never truly dissected the meaning behind that title. Many graduate students within the counseling field refer to themselves as therapists in training, but the accurate term for myself is technically a counselor in training (Hutchinson, 2015). Such students shy away from using the technical term of a counselor, due to a social misconception that all helping professionals are the same, but in reality there are many differences between the various helping professional roles; these include family therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage counselors, career counselors, and clinical mental health counselors (Hutchinson, 2015). Another incredibly important, and in my opinion crucial, aspect to keep in mind is to understand that said helping professionals usually specialize in a certain area, and when seeking help for an eating disorder it is best to work with a helping professional that specializes in eating disorders.

One of the distinguishing factors between a psychotherapist and counselor is the main approach within each session, as well as the overall goal, in that the counselor views the client/counselor relationship as a collaborative, egalitarian one, opposed to a psychotherapist who view themselves as the expert. Another crucial difference is that counseling is wellness based and the medical model is illness based. Understanding these differences, it is important to keep in mind that, as a future counselor, intervention and prevention is key but the entire helping process is what truly matters, in that it involves collaboration, guidance, and personal growth for both the client and the counselor. This is why I chose to work towards my counseling degree, in that I whole heartedly believe that a holistic and multidimensional approach to care is crucial in the success of any individual’s mental health.

Being helped

As I continue to grow and learn within my journey of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I find that it is incredibly beneficial to reflect on my personal journey as well. Throughout my life, I have lost my way, in that I struggled when it came to intense emotions and coping mechanisms. In other words, as a young girl and as a young woman, I required extra guidance within my life journey, in that I carried extra weight with every emotion in response to everyday life occurrences, and through this I sought help. With this help, at the age of twenty-two, I started my eating disorder recovery; my eating disorder was classified as a non-text book, restrictive bulimia, and through this recovery I met some of the most influential individuals. One of these individuals was my nutritionist, Mary Ryan, I found Mary in Jackson, Wyoming, and with time, dedication, and many bumps in the road, I found my peace, well-being and universe of possibility.

Mary viewed me as a unique individual, in that I was not a syndrome, I was not a set of symptoms, I was not damaged, and my eating disorder did not define me. Mary worked closely with me, my parents, my counselor, and my boyfriend to help me find the recovery plan that best fit into my life, and through this collaborative force of support, I can now say that I have found my balance in life. Mary differed from any other form of support, in that she brought no judgment, bias, or definition to my “case” as a young girl with an eating disorder, and through that we both found what worked best for me, as Jayne Mattingly, not what worked best for a twenty something girl who struggled with an eating disorder. Mary was an integral part in my recovery, and my goal as a helping professional, is to help someone like she helped me.

Moving Forward

As stated previously, throughout my life journey, I have ventured through many bumpy roads and turbulent waters and yet now that I have reached dry land, I am in need of finding connection and meaning through helping others get through life’s many obstacles. As I work towards becoming a LPC, I hope to expand upon my professional, academic, and personal strengths as well as work on my weaknesses. Seeing that I worked through my own recovery, I can confidently say that I am comfortable with dissecting my self-awareness, in that personal examination was an integral part within my treatment. Therefore I believe that one of my strengths is self-awareness, in that I excel in dissecting my past and present, belief’s, opinions, biases, and assumptions ( Mattingly, 2016).

Moving forward, I hope to work towards maintaining self-awareness, empathy and sensitivity within the client/counselor relationship, without imposing the client’s struggles and issues onto myself as a person. In other words, one of my weaknesses is caring too much, and lacking the ability to leave work at work, because even helping professionals need to practice self-care! As I have stated before, and I will state many more times, you cannot function within life if you cannot truly take care of yourself! Hutchinson (2015), spoke on this topic, in that counseling can be draining and difficult work, therefore in order for a counselor to be effective and successful within the client/counselor relationship, they must find wholeness within their physical, emotional, social and familial, working, intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual self. Therefore as a future LPC, a young woman within eating disorder recovery, and an academic, I will continue to embrace my strengths within my self-awareness, but also work towards finding my “whole self” in order to become the most effective person that I can be. The journey of self care has no exceptions for ANYONE, and is forever necessary, therefore, I ask you to join me on this journey in self care!



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It’s Not What You Think

Now, I am incredibly aware that when most people hear the words eating disorder, they picture an emaciated, malnourished looking female, they think about that film For the Love of Nancy, staring Tracy Gold, that actress from Growing Pains, but this is not exactly the case for all individuals with eating disorders, yes, many fit this mold, but many do not. In other words, most family members, friends,  boyfriends, doctors, and even the individual with the eating disorder are not aware of their disorder, because they may not fit this “preconceived notion” of what an eating disorder “should look” like. Therefore, I ask you to relearn what an eating disorder really is, it looks different for everyone, it may even feel different for everyone, but no matter what, it is common, and so incredibly real. It can be difficult, but I also ask you to avoid shamming individuals who may look “sick”, because again, someone may look “sick,” but that may be their healthy, and some may look “healthy” but that may be their “sick”….The amount of times you may tell someone how “healthy,” and “fit” they look, the more they may continue to justify their unhealthy behaviors.

I  know of  so many individuals that other’s view as “too skinny” or “emaciated” yet those individuals were and are within successful recovery and doing their best to be their healthiest self. So lets take away the shame, and the focus on outward appearances, and truly understand what eating disorder recovery means.

Eating disorders look, and feel different for everyone, this is something that must be recognized, recovery looks and feels different for everyone as well! Therefore, as you continue on through your life, I ask you to bring some awareness to this issue and understand the different, and many faces of Eating Disorder Recovery, because most likely it’s not what you think.