Walk It Out With SkyFit (Now Aaptiv) – Bringing Healthy Motivations to Physical Exercise #MotivationIsNotJustForMondays pt. 3

Happy Friday to everyone! Congratulations you’ve made it through the week and hopefully it was a successful week set with positive intentions and healthy motivations! #MotivationIsNotJustForMondays

Today’s post is part 3 of the #MotivationIsNotJustForMondays, and I will be touching a bit more on the app SkyFit (now known as Aaptiv)!


First off, lets rein it in, and bring some honesty into the moment. As I have said before, and I will say it again, physical exercise is a huge part of my self-care routine, yet I make sure that I stay safe and protect my recovery first and foremost! How do I practice safe physical exercise? I almost always practice my exercise through a class forum, whether that is at an individual studio, a gym, on a dvd, with a group of friends, or on the SkyFit (Aaptiv) app, as this allows me to stay accountable and not “overdo” my exercise. I also make sure that I limit myself to one class a day; therefore I am protecting my recovery, and maintaining healthy motivations. I also make sure to stay honest, and accountable for my thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors surrounding my physical activity, in that if I have the urge to “work out” after a large meal I make sure to stay grounded, stay honest, stay safe, and find a healthy comfort in something other than exercise for that day; I usually go to my “comfort box” at this vulnerable moments (To read more about this please visit my self care page, and ED and ED Recovery Page). Therefore, before I schedule, plan, or practice my physical exercise for the day, I make sure to ground myself, and ensure that my motivations for physical exercise are healthy!

As a reminder…. examples of healthy motivations for exercise include, but are not limited to, wanting to cleanse the mind, cleanse and refresh your emotional state, bring positive intention to a part of your day, heal your body, and wanting to strengthen your mind and body, for instance, my motivations for today’s physical exercise was to refocus my emotions by bringing intention to my physical activity, as well as, strengthen my body after a stressful week.

SkyFit (now Aaptiv)

I have touched on this mobile application before, and let me just say I am still so pleased with this program! SkyFit is an app that you download on your phone, there is a large variety of classes offered on the app, in that no matter where you are…you can pop in your headphones, chose a class, and run, bike, train, stretch, practice yoga, spin, or in this case, walk your way through an exercise class lead by a trained instructor!

The app is truly genius, especially for people who struggle with finding time to practice physical exercise. You can chose what type of exercise you are up for that day, what intensity you want to work out at, your instructor, your preferred genre of music, and how long you plan to work out, and voila you are taking a private class at the swipe of a finger!

What I truly love about SkyFit is that it allows people like me and you to practice safe and healthy physical exercise, in that once I finish my class I feel refreshed and strong, and then I am done with my exercise for the day! Within all of the classes that I have taken, the instructor never mentions losing weight, or trying to look a certain way, instead they coach you to focus on the present, and to set positive intentions and stay connected with your body! If you sign up, you can get the first week for free, and then after your trial period it is $9.99 per month of $49.99 per year, which is truly a great price for an unlimited amount of classes right at the swipe of a finger!

Because I have had somewhat of an emotional week, I chose to take it easy on my body today, in that I know if I go too hard I then risk the safety of my recovery…therefore I made sure to keep in check with my motivations and stay accountable!

On this incredibly rainy, gloomy and somewhat chilly day in the Western suburbs of Chicago, Giovanni (our dog), and I decided to take a twenty minute walk/jog class called Weekend Walk by Candice Cunnigham! This was a great, gentle but worthwhile workout, in that I was able to get outside, focus on the present, cleanse my emotional state, and strengthen my body all at the same time! Keep in mind; if for some reason you have physical limitations…you can always modify the workout to your specific needs!


Another great walk class that I took this week was Oldie Stroll by Candice Cunningham, there was no jogging involved in this one, and the tunes were all throwbacks…it was quite fun!!


As you head into your weekend, remember to check in with your motivations towards your physical exercise….I challenge you to set at least one healthy motivation/intention for your exercise this weekend, whether that be dancing, running, yoga, spinning, cleaning, or walking, try to bring at least one positive intention to your work out to maintain a healthy a successful recovery….I know this is a lot harder than it seems, but I swear it is worth it!

Also remember, if you feel the need to get outside, practice self care, and work your mind and body you can always find time for a gentle stroll on your own, with your partner, with a friend, or with your furry family member!….Sean and I walk Giovanni, our dog, as well as Lilly, our cat….Can you say Crazy Cat Lady?!









So lets self care it out, practice safe and healthy exercise and have a wonderful fall weekend!


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