Spread the Love

Today is a confusing day for several, a hopeless day for some, a victory for several, and a tumultuous day for all. Our country is divided right now, more so than ever. I spoke with Sean, my family, friends and loved ones this morning, and I heard so much sadness, hopelessness and fear in their words, this was scary….our sadness is provoking a feeling of fear, or vice versa, and with fear comes hate, and hate solves nothing.

So let’s spread the love today, all day, everyday. Shake off that fear, and bring hope to yourself, your loved ones, and just any random person on the street, because that is the only thing that will get us through this tumultuous time. We may not all agree with each other, but love is something I truly believe our country is capable of, we are TOO GOOD for hate, we have gotten through so much to go back to hateful behavior.

So if you are feeling vulnerable, sad, angry, happy, thrilled, scared, hopeful or hopeless, know that you are loved, and that love is the only thing that will bring you and others happiness. Practice self-love, as self-love is what self-care is all about, and self-care is what makes Recovery possible.

Therefore, for today’s post, all I wanted to do was leave a message of love, and a reminder that you are special, you are beautiful and don’t’ forget to love yourself! You cannot take care of others, your job, your children, your friends, your loved ones, until you show yourself some love. So today, look at yourself in the mirror, tell that beautiful person looking back at you that you love them, and then give yourself some hope and spread the love to others.

I challenge you to give yourself extra love today…do something special for yourself…. splurge on your self care, protect that sacred recovery… spread the love and hope to rid of the hate and fear.

All of the Love,